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Web Development

Quality code is the salient reason behind the success of any application or website. Each piece of code we write is there because it is intended to be there.


When we develop website, we don’t only emphasize on efficiency, but also the load time and the weight of each request pulled from your server.


Extra code means extra time for the site to be fully loaded. We ensure all the lines of code written for your website are there because they are required.


Consequently, we will develop your website to ensure its highly efficient, powerful and also fulfil your ambitious business goals.


In today’s fast-paced society, websites or applications that are most successful are those that are efficient, based around great user experience and also with the needs of the business in mind.


We create websites or applications that passed our strictest criteria, that is, they must be functional, clearly arranged, intuitive to navigate and unique graphics with sophisticated content.


We consult our customer’s ambitious business goals in which we normally do immediately we receive a request as it gives us an upper hand in delivering a wirefame, UI/UX design with desired results.


We design websites that deliver outstanding user experiences. Every website we create is unique and captures your brand identity and offerings.


Our websites are search engine optimized, responsive across all devices/platforms which in turn lead to organic traffic and then to conversion.


We create the user-optimized responsive design structures, graphics and visual elements needed to bring your website and brand to life.


We consult all relevant details with regard to the fulfilment of your business plan or marketing plan.


Inevitably, our work does not end with the launch of the project, but continues with its analysis and maintenance of your website.


There is a high possibility of losing valuable clients or customers if your website isn’t properly maintained. However, creating a visually appealing, emotional and all platform responsive website is a great first step to creating awareness of solving your potential customers’ problem.


Consequently, routine maintenance ensures that all your website components (images, videos and other media files, contact form, payment mechanisms, shopping carts, links, etc) are working efficiently.


Website Support and Maintenance is important to providing the best possible customer experience such as improving website speed, driving search engines and boosting traffic, fixing HTML or other errors and backing up files.


Would you order an Android phone when you need to make use of Facetime for your business?
A strategically written and designed website content is useful for search engine optimization that is, making the rank of the site higher, conversion of visitors to customer’, provide information about your business, and why you are better than your competitors.

We do rigorous analysis and research about the business niche and audience as this allows us to know what potential client’s like to read and also what will make a website rank higher on the Search engine result page.


People trust the first five website that shows up on SERP, therefore, business owner are advised to strive and take the advantage of that opportunity by getting their website rank high on SERP.
We create website that doesn’t only looks good, easy to maintain but also SEO optimized.

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Do you want a high-performing website and don’t what to choose between “looks good” and “easy to maintain”. CrunkIT.Agency can deliver the full package — with customer service that will amaze you.

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