Police 2 Peace Custom Calculator and Discount

Our team of experienced developers at Crunkit Web Agency has successfully developed a customized page for Lisa Broderick, the Executive Director of Police to Peace. With our expertise in web development and e-commerce solutions, we have incorporated a calculator and discount feature into the page, providing an intuitive and convenient experience for customers.

Through extensive collaboration with Lisa Broderick and the Police to Peace team, we understood the specific requirements for the page. By implementing the calculator and discount feature, customers can easily determine the pricing for their desired training quantities, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.

To streamline the purchasing process, we integrated a secure payment module using Stripe as the preferred payment gateway. This integration allows customers to make secure payments using various payment methods, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of their payment information. Additionally, we have incorporated the functionality to generate receipts for both the administrator and the buyer, facilitating efficient record-keeping and payment reconciliation.

At Crunkit Web Agency, we prioritize the security and compliance of our solutions. By leveraging industry-leading practices and technologies, we ensure the protection of customer data and the integrity of the entire purchasing process.

The collaborative efforts between our team and the Police to Peace organization have resulted in a seamless and secure purchasing experience for their customers. The calculator and discount feature, coupled with the integrated Stripe payment module and automated receipt generation, provide an exceptional user experience while maintaining the highest standards of security and reliability.